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Woman’s Friendships Mainly Consists Of Friends Posting ‘🔥’ Under Each Others Pics On Instagram

AN EXTENSIVE analysis carried out by the Institute for Studies of local woman Grainne Cunningham’s social media activity appears to confirm that the entirety of her online friendships consist of dispatching the fire emoji beneath photos. “Whether it’s a confessional status update, a picture of a night out, self-deprecating ‘what am I like’ posting or… Read more »

Crypto Crash: Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

INVESTORS around the world were left reeling after the sudden plunge in value across all cryptocurrencies, a $300bn wipe-out that blindsided crypto bros, long considered to be some of the smarted people alive. “All of my Sploosheum, my Deeznutscoins, all worthless right now,” said one crestfallen 24-year-old investor, who up until yesterday was certain that the… Read more »