He’s Been Kicked Off Every Social Media Platform Except WWN: Please Welcome Andrew Tate


FACEBOOK, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube… they’ve all chased off Andrew Tate for his controversial points of view; leaving him without a platform from which he can talk to his audience of millions. Until today!

WWN are proud to welcome Mr. Tate into our ever-growing media empire, and look forward to seeing our site visits soar as he brings in his predominantly male, 18-35 audience that our marketing department love to engage with and our shareholders demand we attract.

What will Tate bring to the WWN brand, besides his name value and a swarm of cash-rich, impressionable young adults? We’re not sure. In fact, we had never heard of him before last week, when he began trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. Or as we in the media like to say, all the right reasons. In this game, there’s no wrong way to be famous when you’re bringing in the numbers he does!

We understand that he’s some sort of influencer who may have misogynistic, hateful views when it comes to women but we’ve crunched the numbers on our traffic and worked out what percentage of our audience is women and how much they spend with our affiliated advertisers and concluded that hey, if Tate brings in half the lads that we’ve projected, it’s a hit we can easily take.

So we look forward to bringing you a daily column from Andrew, possibly on the GAA, possibly on the slow state of the nation’s broadband rollout, who knows at this stage. We’ll bring you Andrew Tate’s guide to kitten-kicking if we have to. Just as long as his name helps elevate our brand, we’ll make whatever journalistic compromise we have to. We just had to move quickly to secure him before he got snapped up by literally every other media outlet going. We missed out on Katie Hopkins, we can’t miss this one!