“Just Take It We Have Mass Graves In Every Country” Vatican Responds To Latest Child Pit


FEDUP with being called out every time a new mass grave full of dead children is discovered in the back yard of one of its institutions, the Vatican has released a one for all statement going forward, WWN reports.

“Just take it we have mass graves in every country that we wormed our way in to under the guise of ‘helping the vulnerable’,” the statement began, “obviously building schools to groom communities into our religion for our own financial gain got the better of us and some strays got dumped aside, but look, you weren’t all complaining then when we literally beat Catholism into you, so yeah, mass graves are a bit of a thing with us, so get used to it”.

The statement comes after an indigenous community in Canada identified nearly 100 “potential” graves at a residential school site, months after the discovery of more than a thousand children’s remains in sites run by various religious sects as part of a Canadian government system, something the Canadian taxpayer has so far paid $116.8 million in compensation to First Nation, Inuit and Metis Survivors.

“Did the Vatican manage to accumulate over fifteen billion in stored up wealth over the past few centuries by means of infiltrating poor countries and transforming their communities into God fearing tax free donating praying machines? Yes. Will we financially now compensate those still affected by the abuse and death today? Absolutely not, we’ll leave that to the taxpayers of whatever country we converted,” the very brief statement concluded, much to no one’s surprise.