“It’s Not ‘Anti-Social’ Me & The Gang Are Closer Than Ever”: We Speak To The Youths Terrorising Ireland’s Streets


AFTER A spate of high profile instances of violence and anti-social behaviour, WWN met up with one of the nation’s preeminent group of troublemakers to discuss their actions.

Expecting to find aggressive nuisance makers hellbent on striking fear into the hearts of ordinary people, instead WWN found something else entirely.

“Anti-social? Sure, Gizzer didn’t have any mates until we peer pressure’d him into throwing a brick through a newsagents. We’re all about making friends,” explained one of the lads, Michael, who was 13 but looked about 30.

“Personally I reject the ‘anti-social’ label, I’ve never been more social. Me and the boys meet up almost every day in between random assaults and setting various things on fire. Warmer than the flames though is the warmth that comes with knowing the lads have my back,” offered James, who was 30 but looked about 13.

“Being this social only has benefits, chatting more and more with the lads we’re closer than ever. I’m really gaining a more nuanced appreciation for all the different shades of masculinity. Take Damien for example, he doesn’t do any head stamping of tourists it’s just not his thing, but give him a lighter and his face and the nearest bin light up. We contain multitudes is what I learnt,” added Kian, as he separated this reporter from his wallet and front teeth.

“People will point to this big surge in instances, but you can’t hit those highs unless you have a solid foundation of friendship. You can’t achieve if you don’t believe – as the graffiti we just did on that old bitch’s front door will tell you,” remarked Michael, showcasing his multi-tasking abilities as he stole his 7th bike of the day.

“Honestly for me, it’s not about the beating the shit out of a random stranger. Sure, it’s great craic but I just love the lads so much any excuse to hang out will do me – it’s an escape from home,” added Kian, of his perfectly stable home life in the leafy suburbs.

Asked if the group are fearful of gardaí arresting them next them they wage of a campaign of terror on a bus or on the street the young men responded with “what’s a gardaí?”