Widespread Relief At Isolated One-Off Case Of Coercive Control In Ireland


MANY IRISH people have expressed their relief at the realisation that the recent conviction of depraved ex-Garda Paul Moody for coercive control of his partner represents a one-off and a complete outlier in society, WWN can confirm.

“Personally, I couldn’t handle or process the thought of a campaign of torture like that being more commonplace throughout our cities, towns and villages. Could you imagine?” offered one local person.

“It’s a relief in a way, to know that’s the end of that. The badness is gone out of the place, Irish society can get back to being what it always was – a great auld place for women, you’d wonder now if there’s a need for such a specific charge anymore” added another local, who dreaded the thought of the usual crowd using such cases to appeal for greater resources for domestic abuse services.

“Now, if it was a woman who done that,” a not insignificant number of men added, enriching the conversation and tone of discussion immensely.

Meanwhile, a petition to have judges’ heads regularly examined or needing to provide proof of the origin of what planet they are on has reached 5 million signatures.

Elsewhere, in a turn up for the books, the entirety of the prison population where Moody will partially serve his 3 years and 3 months mega-sentence have asked to be kept separate from the psychopath, for their own safety.

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