Best Places To Sell Drugs


WITH a highly competitive marketplace with an overabundance of supply, it has never been harder for a drug dealer to hit their quarterly targets.

As the pressure builds and violent threats from superiors reign down your judgement and sales pitch can suffer, but fear WWN is on hand to help you be the best drug dealer you can be.

If you’re short on inspiration these locations can prove a fertile ground for a getting your sly handshakes intake up.

1) NA meetings

What do people attending narcotics anonymous meetings need more than a well structured support system and toolset for a drug free life? That’s right – drugs, and that’s where you come in.

Join the meeting, hide in the bathroom, or just hang outside. The stuff will shift itself.

2) Outside schools

If you’re in need of seeding a new customer base, you can’t do any better than your local school. And don’t forget it’s not just about new customers, you may run into old ones during drop off and pick up times. Make sure to have a few uppers to hand.

3) Literally anywhere in Dublin City centre

Wide open air streets, high footfall, zero interference from guards, to say it’s a sellers paradise is putting it mildly.

4) Inside a postbox

For those who prefer not to spend an exhaustive day pounding the pavement, placing yourself inside a postbox guarantees opportunities for new leads. You can even pass the time by opening a number of packages which as you know yourself as a drug dealer are full of gear themselves.