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Postman No Idea He’s The Biggest Drug Courier In Town

BLISSFULLY unaware of the vast array of contraband he is currently peddling around on his daily route, Waterford postman Davey Holden whistled chirpily as he went door to door, as eager parcel receivers hovered nervously at the other side of their letterbox. “Hopefully it’s not another ‘love letter’ from customs,” cannabis user Terrace Mark Hannebery… Read more »

Dealers Now Offering ‘Dial-A-Line’ Service

COKE-strapped punters in the south east are today hailing a local dealer’s new dial-a-line delivery as ‘a groundbreaking service to the community’ and ‘a welcome addition to the house party scene’. “I’ve been having the lads around to the house for a few cans every weekend since lockdown started, and we’ve noticed that the one… Read more »