Even Country That Had Death Penalty For Drugs Now Legalising Weed


NEWS THAT Thailand, previously known for executing you for even thinking about snorting sugar, is to allow the cultivation and possession of marijuana has made the heel dragging of Irish authorities look a little ridiculous, WWN can confirm.

“Sorry but as politicians elected by the public to write and pass laws we first have to not do any of that and instead form and keep delaying a citizens assembly so we can put off the obvious decision for hopefully another decade,” explained Minister for Drugs Frank Feighan.

Thailand’s public health minister announced one million marijuana seedlings will be distributed to people, sitting in stark contrast to Ireland where politicians such as Eamon Ryan threaten to break into people’s house and put lettuce in their windowsills.

Drug dealers here in Ireland have criticised Thailand’s move stating they will now struggle to illegally traffic Thai natives to Ireland and enslave them in their drug factories, however, relieved gangs also noted they were glad the Irish government were on the same page when it came to keeping everything illegal at home.

“I dunno about you but I think lagging behind countries like Thailand and missing out in billions in tax generation is a class move by the government here,” said one gang leader.

Elsewhere, local creeps have rejoiced at the news from Thailand stating ‘ah brilliant yet another reason to visit!’