“We Needed That Sup Of Rain” Says Local Man, In Unique Remark


CHANGING weather-based conversations in Ireland forever, one local man has made a unique and indelible contribution to discussions which could change Irish culture and traditions beyond recognition.

“I dunno it just came to me out of the blue, I was looking out as it started lashing, Maura will tell you, and I said ‘we needed that sup of rain’,” explained local man Peter Frehily, still coming to terms with the incisiveness of his once-in-a-lifetime observation.

“Yeah Pete just blurted it out and I said jaysus that’s very true, I was straight on the phone to my sister and sure didn’t I repeat it – it’s just such a perfect way of describing the first bit of rain after a dry spell. We Googled to check if someone like Einstein had said it before but my Pete was the first,” added an awestruck Maura Frehily.

“He said something about the farmers being delighted with it, honestly, I’ve no idea where he comes up with this stuff”.

Before the coining of the unique phrase by Mr Frehily, Irish people were left with no choice but to stare out the window in a gormless fashion without passing remark on the dramatic but much needed change in weather conditions.

Middle-aged men of similar personality to the 55-year-old Frehily have praised the Waterford man and have vowed to use the phrase at every available opportunity while maintaining the freshness of the remark, like it was something only they could have observed.

Met Éireann have been in touch with Mr Frehily seeking to trademark his phrasing and any future weather-based commentary he may make.