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Local Man Warming To This Climate Change Craic

DESPITE biblical wildfires, floods, landslides, and general chaos worldwide, local man Gerry Taylor welcomed this climate change craic while bathing in the hot summer sun in his back yard, WWN can confirm. “At least all that mad stuff isn’t happening here,” the 43-year-old dad told himself, unaware his location in Ireland is one of hundreds… Read more »

Warm As Fuck These Days, Scientists Confirm

REPORTS of record-breaking temperatures from around the world from North America to Iraq has led scientists to confirm that their worst fears are being realised; it is, and will continue to be for some time, fierce warm out there. The spike in temperatures, which saw a rise in deaths in Canada as well as power… Read more »

Sydney Sent Irish Weather Conditions In Major Weather Mix Up

THE INTERNATIONAL Meteorological Authority has been embroiled in a scandal following a ‘systems failure’ which led to areas in and around Sydney, Australia being subjected to weather conditions reserved and earmarked for Ireland. The IMA, an international weather body put in charge of the world’s weather after the end of the second world war, has… Read more »

Local Council Now Salting And Vinegaring Roads

WATERFORD County Council has unveiled a brand-new fleet of trucks which will now not only salt the county’s roads, but also vinegar them too in a new road safety measure, WWN can confirm. The updated gritters will carry two loads of both equal measures of salt and vinegar and have advised road users to wear… Read more »