Gardaí Issue Warning Over Fact €50 Note Gets You Nothing These Days


IN ADDITION to warning the public about a significant quantity of fake €2 coins being in circulation in Ireland, An Garda Síochána also made it known that the public can expect little change out of a €50 note these days.

“Popping into the corner shop? Good luck, you’re coming out with empty pockets and before you ask, no, we can’t do anything about it,” said Garda Sean Gaddy, who also asked the public to stop ringing to report a crime every time they fill up their car.

“Tis shocking, there was a time you’d get a good few cans, a feed for the family and a 3-bed in Dublin all for €50 but sadly those days are long gone so we urged the public to remain vigilant,” added Gaddy.

“Again, businesses who say things like ‘value for you’, ‘good price’ and ‘worth every cent’ are clearly lying through their hoops there’s little we can do about it,” concluded the Garda, who said it was only a matter of time before the €100 note became the new €20 note.

While it may feel like daylight robbery, crime experts have explained it’s very much just a case of ‘Ireland 2022’. As the public continue to feel the cost of living squeeze the news of fake €2 coins doing the rounds is the last thing they need.

“D’you know where I can get any? They look convincing enough, if they work for the cigarette machine and the toll let the lads selling them know I’m interested,” said a wide-eyed and desperate Irish public.