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G7 Piss-Up To Be Low-Key This Year

A SPECIAL one-day summit of NATO, G7 and EU leaders is taking part in Brussels, with leaders from all states meeting to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine while ‘keeping it quiet on the partying side of things’, WWN can confirm. The schedule involves a NATO meeting in the morning followed by an afternoon G7… Read more »

Not Now, Palestine!

NATIONS from across the globe have united in their condemnation of Russia’s illegal occupation of Ukrainian lands and the subsequent terrorisation and displacement of the indigenous people of that country and yes, Palestine, we see you with your hand up there, but please, not right now okay? Furthermore, Russia’s use of controversial weaponry such as… Read more »

Russia Asked Are They Warring Or What

VLADIMIR Putin’s continued feet-dragging when it comes to invading Ukraine has started to vex many other world leaders, who have issued a ‘shit or get off the pot’ edict to the Russian leader. An invasion into Ukrainian territory by Russian forces had been expected this week following months of build-up on the border, but recent… Read more »

Man Who Said ‘Let The Bodies Pile High’ & ‘Muslim Women Look Like Letterboxes’ Condemns Carr Joke

NOT content with inspiring a mob of far-right conspiracy nuts with the mental capacity of boiled newts to crowd Labour leader Keir Starmer with chants of ‘pedo defender’, British prime embarrassment Boris Johnson has entered the discourse surrounding a controversial Holocaust joke featured by comedian Jimmy Carr in his recent Netflix special. “I feel I… Read more »

“Why Am I Always Being Blamed?”

“SURE, I’m a confident guy and I have my good days with many smiles, but I can’t be Glad-imir Putin 24/7, sometimes I’m Sad-imir Putin, y’know? But those leaders, they just see Bad-imir Putin,” the words of Russian leader Vladimir Putin as he reveals for the first time the full toll the critical words from… Read more »

Omicron: The Facts

HUMANITY was warned that not distributing vaccines around the world evenly would eventually lead to Covid mutations that could have further deadly consequences, and here we are; Omicron, the latest ‘variant of concern’ is already cropping up around the world, startling politicians and worrying virologists. As for the rest of us, we’re left to wallow… Read more »