Man Who Said ‘Let The Bodies Pile High’ & ‘Muslim Women Look Like Letterboxes’ Condemns Carr Joke


NOT content with inspiring a mob of far-right conspiracy nuts with the mental capacity of boiled newts to crowd Labour leader Keir Starmer with chants of ‘pedo defender’, British prime embarrassment Boris Johnson has entered the discourse surrounding a controversial Holocaust joke featured by comedian Jimmy Carr in his recent Netflix special.

“I feel I have the moral higher ground on this rare occasion to say that sort of vile ‘joke’ is really not on,” said Johnson with a straight face, despite once saying as Foreign Secretary that Libya would be a great tourist destination once all the dead bodies were cleared from the airport.

“In my defence, Jimmy Carr was attempting to make a deeply offensive joke, whereas I was just expressing a genuine desire to see people die of Covid because all I care about is myself and how I can spin things,” defended Johnson when it was pointed out to him that he said ‘let the bodies pile high’ when being cautioned against a premature lifting of Covid measures in 2020.

“We must not forget history, except for the Churchill Bengal famine stuff,” added Johnson who would really like the public to forget every single bad deed of his government.

“Yes, but what I said was just a factual observation,” added Johnson of his previous ‘piccaninnie smiles’, ‘look like letterboxes’ comments. Johnson then tried to distract assembled media by placing a badge emblazoned with ‘Barmy Starmy is Nonce Master General’ on his jacket.

Responding to the British public’s vocal pleading with Johnson to bring a brief cessation to his endless stream of nauseating disgraces and cockups, the PM instead appointed haunted drainpipe Jacob Rees Mogg to a made up sounding position of Minister for Brexit Opportunities.