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Truss Has ‘Only Days Left’ To Finish Off Britain

WITH newly installed Chancellor-until-next-week Jeremy Hunt reversing the vast majority of tax cuts she recently heralded with much fanfare, political experts are suggesting Liz Truss has just days to finish off Britain before being forced into resigning. Despite stating she will only accept a P45 from the ghost of Margaret Thatcher herself, Truss is running… Read more »

Italy To Give Fascism A Go Again For The Craic

ITALY is taking its first steps towards a return to fascist-centric politics this week, as the political party ‘Fratelli D’Italia’ looks set to sweep the general election and put the country’s first far-right leader since the outbreak of WWII, despite how all that ended. Named after the evil family in The Goonies, Fratelli D’Italia and… Read more »