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Tory Government Actively Trying To Kill Them Gives English People Chance To Experience What It Was Like Being Catholic In N. Ireland

FOLLOWING on from news stories including how their PM Boris Johnson was perfectly okay with the elderly dying, ‘Freedom Day’ lifting of restrictions seemingly designed to kill off the vulnerable, and tests and food running out, the English people are finally getting to sample what it was like to be a targeted Catholic in Northern… Read more »

Queen Declares Today Officially Av’ It Large Day

WITH a ceremonial blast from two jewel-encrusted airhorns, the Queen has formally kicked off Freedom Day with a powerful speech imploring the nation to ‘have a mad one’. “Come on you slags, let one be having you” read the Queen, as all existing Covid regulations in England were officially lifted, giving the greenlight for as… Read more »

Mattie McGrath’s Guide To Direct Comparisons

SOMETIMES it is hard to know if one scenario, situation or historical event is comparable to something else as Tipp TD Mattie McGrath found out yesterday when the Auschwitz Museum criticised his comments comparing contentious guidelines around eating indoors and Covid Certs to the onset of Nazism in Germany which resulted in the Holocaust. Fully… Read more »

Government Under Delusion Pubs Will Police Vaccine Certs

THE IRISH Government is expected to sign off plans which could see indoor hospitality reopened to fully vaccinated people as part of the delusionary belief that pubs and restaurants will enforce the use of the EU Digital Green Certificate, WWN has learned. Unaware of its own ridiculousness, the government will seek to pass the legislation… Read more »