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5 Jobs You Can Still Do At 68

THE 2020 general election has once again pulled the onerous issue of the pension age into the spotlight, with workers currently scheduled to reach pension age at the spry age of 67, rising to 68 in 2029. But with many workers forced to retire from their jobs at 65, this leaves a few years where… Read more »

The Leaders Debate: As It Happened

The full blow by blow account of the bruising encounter between the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil leaders as it happened: Things about to kick off, Virgin Media adopting a US politics style ‘head-to-head’ debate here, however, the confetti canons and cheerleaders are a bit much. Pat Kenny is wearing a Tom Ford suit tonight,… Read more »

Today’s Election Lies, Promises & Cock-Ups

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for all the twists and turns from today’s campaign trail: As the drug gang violence continues to spill out onto the streets politicians have denied this is a ‘hot button election issue’ as “most of the communities terrorised by the gangs don’t bother voting”. Fine Gael went on to ask the… Read more »