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Nation Driven Demented At This Stage

REACTING to the combination of ongoing abysmal communication by the government and the fact lockdown is to be extended by a minimum of 6 weeks, the Irish public has confirmed it has officially been driven demented. “The Taoiseach’s probably on the TV now to tell us what we’ve already known for a week because the… Read more »

Flooding Expected As Government Leaks Continue

IN ADDITION to flood warnings issued due to heavy rainfall, Met Éireann has warned the government if it persists with maintaining a high volume of leaks to the media, severe flooding is inevitable. “You can only shovel so much rancid sewage down pipes without negative consequences, the public can’t bare the stink it’s causing,” confirmed… Read more »

“Starving Children, Escalating Crime, Destroying Economy,” Johnson Reveals UK Roadmap Out Of Lockdown

AS NATIONS such as Ireland look on enviously at the progress the UK makes with its vaccine programme, PM Boris Johnson has revealed details of the country’s road map out of lockdown. Johnson, famous for his trustworthy nature and ability to lead without any hiccups, mishaps or law breaking has said that lockdown restrictions in… Read more »

Lockdown Restrictions For March To Be Published On Ogham Stones

FOLLOWING on from a catalogue of public relation disasters, vague leaks and a general incompetence when delivering crucial changes in lockdown restrictions, the government has decided to go back to basics by publishing all future restriction measures on Ogham stones. Ogham inscriptions are the oldest known method of written communications in the Irish language using… Read more »

Government Brick Up Light At End Of The Tunnel

THE TENDERING process for urgent construction work has been won by an Irish building firm, with the government acting swiftly to brick up the light at the end of the tunnel in a move that will depress almost everyone. The warm glow felt by the emerging light was beginning to draw large crowds with many… Read more »