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What Ireland Would Be Like If Fianna Fáil & Fine Gael Were In Power

IT’S VERY rare in today’s world to reach any kind of political consensus, and Irish politics is absolutely no exception. While Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael aren’t everyone’s cup of tea even their harshest critics wouldn’t deny that some of the policy suggestions they have mentioned in recent years could improve the country’s myriad crises… Read more »

BREAKING: Woman Enjoys Night With Friends

INTERNATIONAL media have descended on Finland after news broke of a woman spending an evening with friends, WWN understands. The sinister development has seen calls for the woman, Sanna Marin, to be fired from her job such was the severity of socialising conducted in a house owned by one of her friends. “She has gone… Read more »

Taliban Send Fruit Basket & Thank You Card To Biden On 1st Anniversary Of Afghanistan Takeover

THE TALIBAN has marked the one-year anniversary of America serving up Afghanistan against the wishes of its people and their democratically elected government to religious extremist terrorists, and have not forgotten the man who made it all possible. “May Allah be with you Joe. People say we have had great success taking so much away… Read more »

Heatwave To Be Nice Distraction From Ukraine, Gaza, Taiwan, Climate Change

THIS WEEK’S heatwave couldn’t have been timed better, according to those looking for a distraction from a variety of possible world-ending events. “Can’t beat a birra sun,” smiled local man Simon Scannell, relived his conversations with friends, coworkers and family are now 100% weather based earning himself a well deserved break from shitting his cacks… Read more »