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“If Only We Had A Year To Prepare For This”

WITH the sudden onrush of severe and grave consequences being felt from the Covid-19 pandemic the Irish government have voiced frustration, cursing their luck that this virus appeared out of nowhere in Ireland just days ago. “If only we had the guts of a year to prepare for this, boy, you would have loved to… Read more »

EU Countries Agree To End Practice Of Transporting Vaccines Via Tortoise

NATIONS belonging to the European Union have pledged to rectify the alarmingly slow initial rollout of its Covid-19 vaccination programme, which has been greeted with anger and frustration by citizens. After a special task force charged with identifying possible errors and inefficiencies within the supply chain reported that delivering the vaccines on the backs of… Read more »

Nation Breaks Into Nearest School To Escape Covid-19

ARMED with bolt cutters, axes and JCBs which could be good for ramming school gates, the Irish public, in desperate need of keeping safe from out of control Covid-19 cases, is breaking into Ireland’s famously Covid-free schools. A marvel of anti-pandemic technology, Irish primary and secondary schools have been championed by the Department of Education… Read more »

Local Man Won’t Be Happy Until ICUs Overwhelmed

AS long as there’s a trolley left empty in the halls of our hospitals, the country should remain open for business as usual; that’s the opinion of amateur statistician and full-time local man Alan Canning, who told WWN all about how Ireland is ‘well able’ to incur another few deaths here and there for the… Read more »

Full List Of Things The Taoiseach Says Never Happened

TAOISEACH Micheál Martin caused quite a stir in the Dáil yesterday when in an exchange with People Before Profit’s Richard Boyd Barrett, the Fianna Fáil leader claimed ‘the banks were never bailed out’ during the 2008-2011 period in Ireland most famous for bank guarantees and bailouts. While every Irish person just presumed their hearing was… Read more »