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Frontline Bank Holiday Reduced To Bank Lunch Break

CONFUSED as how it turned a new bank holiday into national clusterfuck that made people angry, the government cicrculated yet more unconfirmed leaks around the proposed holiday for frontline workers, WWN can confirm. “We’re looking at Saint Bridget’s Day, possibly Patrick’s day, who knows what we’re at?” a source neither denied or confirmed, “basically we’re… Read more »

Protest Consists Of Same Bunch Of Head The Balls Again

AN anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-abortion, anti-lefty bullshit protest group has gathered in Dublin today, around about the same time they normally do, shouting the same stuff, attracting roughly the same number of like-minded loopers as per usual. Eleven or so people, up from yesterday’s 8 or 9, formed a circle across from the Dáil and… Read more »

‘Cum-Ex’ Tax Fraud Scandal: We See How Many Disgusting Innuendos We Can Fit In One Article

WWN goes deep inside the Cum-Ex tax fraud scandal, which has seen banks, stock traders, and lawyers obtain billions from European treasuries through fraud and speculation involving dividend taxes, and this publication is ready to excitedly squirt as much information on you as possible. With Cum-Ex splashed all over the front pages, WWN has worked… Read more »

DUP Demands To See The Queen’s Doctors Cert

THE DUP have confirmed that while the Queen’s reasoning for not attending an Northern Ireland centenary event on ‘medical grounds’ is understandable Unionists will need a copy of the sick cert, WWN has learned. “She better have a proper ailment and not just some old person thing like ‘exhausted bones’ or ‘crown wearing fatigue’, there… Read more »