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Only 40 More Years Of Delays Before Last Mother & Baby Home Survivor Dies, Government Calculates

DESPITE suffering a setback in the form of the High Court ruling the Mother and Baby Homes Commission treated survivors unlawfully, the government is confident that it has made the redress scheme sufficiently onerous and riven with inevitable delays that the State just needs to hold out for several more decades. “There’s the report itself… Read more »

Green Party Totally Full Of Carbon-Neutral Shit

EAMON Ryan has justified business class flights made by himself and members of his party by claiming that any impact on the climate is offset by the fact that the Green Party is full of energy efficient, 100% plastic-free, biodegradable and carbon-neutral horse shit. Members of the Green Party, including Ryan himself and deputy leader… Read more »

Government Celebrate Winning Confidence Vote By Ramming Through Planning Laws Only Developers Want

HAVING breezed through Sinn Féin’s 142nd attempt at passing a vote of no confidence in the coalition, the Micheál Martin fronted government celebrated by ramming through a planning bill which every single interested party that isn’t a money grabbing developer has labeled ‘a disaster’. “It just feels like the perfect way to say fuck you,”… Read more »

Government Call For Vote Of No Diggity, No Doubt

THE government have countered Sinn Féin’s vote of no confidence with a propsed Dáil vote that shows there are still a number of people in the country who ‘like they way they work it’, WWN can confirm. Sources close to the coalition confirmed the vote was inspired by the classic hit ‘No Diggity’, although everyone… Read more »