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DUP Long For Simpler Times Of Fighting Homosexual Cakes

A STRESSED out DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson and his party fossils are said to be longing for the simpler times before the introduction of the immovable presence of the Northern Ireland protocol, when the hardest problem to solve was eradicating gay cakes. “It’s much easier pretending gay cakes are the biggest threat to humanity than… Read more »

Sea Of Japan Finally Surrenders To North Korea

AFTER years of bombardment from North Korea, a spokesperson for the Sea of Japan has offered its surrender, calling for the rogue state to cease all missile strikes against the giant mass of seawater, WWN reports. Waving a large white flag from the depths of the ocean, the Sea of Japan stated that the ongoing… Read more »

Stay Warm This Winter By Burning Leaflets From Politicians Promising They’ll Sort Everything

SAVVY householders may be able to escape savage energy price hikes if they had the foresight to keep the easily combustible pamphlets distributed by their local TDs over the last few years, WWN can confirm. “In most locales around the country, government TDs have issued leaflets year-round promising that their constituents are ‘doing fine and… Read more »