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Eoghan Murphy Still Showing His Face In Public, Somehow

FORMER Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy shocked the nation with his viewpoints on the current Covid-19 lockdown during Dáil proceedings yesterday, as many had no idea that he had not fled the country in absolute shame months ago. “Now when you say Eoghan Murphy, you surely don’t mean the Fine Gael lad, do you?” asked… Read more »

Nation Loses Bid To Have Woulfe Released Into Wild

A GRASS-ROOTS movement to have Supreme Court Judge Seamus Woulfe released into the wilds of the midlands has unfortunately failed, leading to Woulfe possibly spending the rest of his working days in the captivity of a high-paying job, WWN can confirm. Posts reading ‘get Woulfe out’ had become a common sight on social media in… Read more »

Coping With Sexy Thatcher: A Guide

SEXUAL feelings unstirred since the heyday of The X-Files have come roaring to the fore for thousands of men and women following the release of season 4 of The Crown, which includes everybody’s redhead crush of the mid-90s Gillian Anderson in the pivotal role of hated British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Although the casting and… Read more »

Coping With Post-Trumpmatic Stress, A Guide

AS THE world picks up the pieces of whatever remains of Western democracy following the 4 year administration of Donald Trump, psychotherapists and psychiatrists alike have called on the emotionally shattered world to come together and cope with its ‘post-trumpmatic stress’ using this handy guide below: Normally, the first step to dealing with post-traumatic stress… Read more »