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Martin Admits He Would Sack Coveney If He Was Taoiseach

“OH LET me tell you, if I was Taoiseach he’d have my shoe imprinted on his arse from kicking him to the kerb,” Micheál Martin told Fianna Fáil colleagues, highlighting the swift and decisive action he would take were he Taoiseach over Simon Coveney’s tall tales and Goliath-sized arrogance over Katherine Zappone’s appointment as Special… Read more »

Politicians’ Brains To Be Hit Hard By ‘Vacant Property Tax’

A LOOPHOLE in a government proposed ‘Vacant Property Tax’ could see a significant levy applied to Irish politicians’ brains, WWN can reveal. “Sadly there is no more dilapidated a structure, no more cavernous and neglected than that of a politician’s brain,” explained one housing expert, “the echo within the structure can be heard for miles… Read more »