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Nation Almost Forgot It Had Budget To Look Forward To

PEOPLE cowering in trepidation of the long lull between summer and Halloween with nothing to look forward to were today reminded that hey, they still have this year’s budget to enjoy. Budget 2022, the aptly-titled sequel to Budget 2021, is aimed at easing fears that Irish people would be forced to relax, robbing them of… Read more »

“Linking Rent To Inflation Was Our Terrible Idea First” Complain Sinn Féin

MARKING THE first time Fine Gael have semi-successfully landed a ‘well actually Sinn Féin is to blame for that’ barb, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar sort-of correctly asserted that pursuing a policy of rent increases linked to inflation was first suggested by the opposition party. “Hey, that was our surface level, crowd pleasing and short-sighted idea first… Read more »