Wayward Northside Youth On Last Chance With Authorities


DESPITE receiving a reprieve from the Director of Public Prosecutions yesterday, a wayward northside Dubliner has been warned for the last time to resist the urge to create trouble and difficulties for himself, WWN has learned.

“Look it, ye got away with one there now with this DPP business. Ye don’t have to be making life harder for yourself,” said an avuncular older garda who took a shine to Castleknock native Leo Varadkar despite his habit for trouble-making.

“And all that trying to dob people in who are on the social… that’s not going to make you friends is it? Getting a rep as a grass is not a good move,” the garda said taking Varadkar for ice cream in one last attempt to steer the youngster back on course.

The unhelpful moniker of ‘known to the gardaí’ now haunting his every move, future employment opportunities and prospects could evaporate for the young man, the garda was keen to stress how ‘a bit of cop on’ was seriously needed now Varadkar is at a fork in the road of his life.

“And what’s this I hear about you hanging out with lads from a gang with a long history of corruption. You must have your poor parents up the walls with this stuff,” the exasperated garda said to Varadkar, who remained silent preferring instead to look at his feet and kick at some dirt.

“And before you say it, you love blaming that other crowd across the road for all your problems, but you know if you don’t take ownership of your mistakes you’re bound to repeat them,” said the garda, beginning to feel like Varadkar was a lost cause.