Taliban Send Fruit Basket & Thank You Card To Biden On 1st Anniversary Of Afghanistan Takeover


THE TALIBAN has marked the one-year anniversary of America serving up Afghanistan against the wishes of its people and their democratically elected government to religious extremist terrorists, and have not forgotten the man who made it all possible.

“May Allah be with you Joe. People say we have had great success taking so much away from Afghans, but you must share this praise with us – 40 million people in poverty what an achievement,” read a sincere card of thanks sent to the White House by Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada.

Aside from sending cards, the Taliban have celebrated plunging Afghanistan back into the dark ages in many ways including shooting at a crowd of female protesters and many more instances of good-spirited fun.

“In America you have your independence day and fireworks, and we have similar on our independence day; we will set some infidels on fire, we are much alike Joe”.

“We apologise for the meagre basket of fruit we humbly offer up to you, but as you know Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest countries, and you confiscated billions of dollars which rightly belong to its people,” added Akhundzada.

The Taliban leader decided to wait until the sending of a Christmas card to ask for help with repelling the Afghan branch of the ISIS, Islamic State Khorasan, who have wreaked havoc on the country and targeted the Shia Hazara minority.

“PS. Joe, none of these gifts are to be touched by your wife. She defies religious law, you’re lucky we even sent a fruit basket to the husband of a woman who received a school and college education. That’s a big no-no here again, but I think you probably know that. Please use my favourite beating sandal, which I have included in the basket, to beat Jill with until she learns a woman’s true place.”