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US Hang Big ‘Do Not Invade’ Sign On Afghanistan

“WOW, you might want to leave it for a while before you go in there!” stated the United States today as they backed away from Afghanistan, waving their hand in front of their face as if referencing a particularly stinky toilet they’d just left behind them. The statement comes following a day of deadly violence… Read more »

Local Man Thinks Afghanistan Situation Is Dreadful But Not ‘Have Refugees In His Town’ Dreadful

THE fall of Afghanistan has lead to a huge uprising in sympathy among the Irish population for ordinary Afghan civilians caught in the Taliban’s crosshairs, but with that being said 100-150 refugees sounds ‘about right’ to be let into the country. “It’s dreadful, what’s happening over there, shocking altogether” said Waterford man Alan McCanning, watching… Read more »