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Beyoncé Set To Perform At Trump Impeachment Halftime Show

IN A desperate bid to garner interest from the lethargic American public, officials involved in the Trump impeachment proceedings have announced that Beyoncé Knowles will perform at today’s Superbowl-styled halftime show, along with an array of supporting acts, WWN can confirm. Citing poor concentration skills and general apathy among American voters, it was decided entertainment… Read more »

Biased Democrat Pelosi Unfairly Using Fact Trump Broke The Law Against Him

US DEMOCRAT politician Nancy Pelosi has been the subject of explosive revelations from US president Donald Trump, who claims her decision to begin impeachment proceedings against him are motivated by nothing else but a naked desire to see him held accountable for the many times he is alleged to have broken the law. “If I hadn’t openly admitted to… Read more »

Revealed: The Founding Fathers Thoughts On Lightweight Magazine-Fed Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Rifles

GEORGE Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin; just three of the ‘founding fathers’ of America, who wrote the very document which shaped the United States into the nation it is today. And, if new research has shown, three men who loved nothing more than the smell of a warm assault rifle, fresh from a delivery of… Read more »