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Just George W. Bush & His Haunting Nightmares Left Now

WITH the passing of another weapon of mass destruction, Colin Powell, at the age of 84 from Covid-19 complications and belated karma, it is just George W. Bush and his unrelentingly horrific nightmares that are left now. “Dick Cheney doesn’t count because technically he didn’t have a heart to begin with,” confirmed one person with… Read more »

Chaos In US Justice System As Rich Man Pays For Crimes

RICH WHITE people everywhere who presumed their wealth would insulate them from punishment for crimes ranging from fraud, assault, murder and minor war crimes are said to be in a state of panic following the handing down of a life sentence to Robert Durst, the subject of HBO documentary ‘The Jinx’. “This isn’t the America… Read more »

US Golf Fans Just The Worst, Finds Report

NEW RESEARCH coming into WWN Sport from the Institute of Sports Research has revealed that US golf fans are more irritating than a thousands mosquitos bites doused in vinegar and set on fire. Citing ample course side evidence from team USA’s dominant and impressive Ryder Cup victory, the ISR confirmed that you’d be forgiven for… Read more »

Taoiseach’s UN Speech: The Highlights

A HISTORIC first as Ireland presided over a meeting of the UN Security Council which took place earlier today, during which Taoiseach Miche├íl Martin spoke forcefully on the pressing security issues facing the world presently. WWN has republished some extracts and highlights from the Taoiseach’s remarks below: “First off, may I say if anyone has… Read more »