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‘No Donuts If Innocent Civilian Murdered’: US Police Reforms Revealed

COMPETING police reform bills are being put forward by the Republican and Democrat parties, with an emphasis on reshaping how policing is thought of in America. Trawling through the bills WWN has gathered some of the stand out reforms proposed which should instantaneously solves all policing issues and systemic racism present in American institutions: The… Read more »

Wait A Minute, Could Trump Be Corrupt?

AMERICA has been blindsided today by revelations from former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s new book which allege, for the first time, that President Donald Trump guardian of all that is right and moral, could be corrupt and is unfit to be president. “Hang on just a second,” the America public shrieked, aghast at the… Read more »

US Cops Pledge To Beat Everyone Equally

POLICE in the US have begun the long, hard road to reform today, with a freshly-minted pledge to mete out heavy-handed brutality in a fair and equitable fashion, with whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, and whatever else getting the same big-stick justice from now on. “The protests that we saw following the death of George Floyd… Read more »

Devil Demands Refund On Trump Soul

“I’M IN way over my head,” a worried looking Satan said as he listened to the hold music played by the customer service department of The Trump Organization, hoping to secure a refund on a regrettable sell-your-soul-to-the-Devil transaction. Normally delighted by carnage, devastation and suffering across humanity, the fallen angel is worried he’s bitten off… Read more »

America Great Again

WITH just six months of his four year term as US president left to run, Donald Trump has proven his critics wrong and single handedly turning a once turmoil ridden and poverty stricken nation around, while managing to unite even the most unlikely of foes in harmony, replicating the good old days of old, WWN… Read more »

US Police Spend Another Day Rioting

AMERICA has now entered its second week of large scale rioting by police as the public struggle to contain the damage wrought by the out of control uniformed police and National Guard. Disturbing scenes continued to unfold across the majority of US states as officers caused extensive damage to the private property belonging to citizens… Read more »