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US Proves There’s Nowhere They Can’t Bomb

NASA’s successful mission to crash a spacecraft onto a distant asteroid has been heralded as a complete success, and proof that even deep space isn’t safe from aerial assault by the US government. The ‘DART’ mission, not affiliated with the even more dangerous transport system in Dublin, was launched in November of last year in… Read more »

Taliban Send Fruit Basket & Thank You Card To Biden On 1st Anniversary Of Afghanistan Takeover

THE TALIBAN has marked the one-year anniversary of America serving up Afghanistan against the wishes of its people and their democratically elected government to religious extremist terrorists, and have not forgotten the man who made it all possible. “May Allah be with you Joe. People say we have had great success taking so much away… Read more »

Trump Threw Lunch At Wall On Jan 6th LOL, Also Plotted Coup

FORMER White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson hilariously detailed how meme-a-minute Donald Trump angrily threw his lunch at a wall when then Attorney General Bill Barr refused to help orchestrate a coup, in an incident perfect for clickbait media coverage. In another chuckle-worthy instance from the day which saw 150 people injured Trump demanded his armed… Read more »