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Biden Accidentally Sends 40 Billion Aides To Ukraine

BEWILDERED and full of questions, an immeasurable number of White House interns and aides have been dumped off Lockheed C-5 Galaxy military transport planes and left on Kyiv airport tarmac in what is perhaps the biggest blunder of Joe Biden’s presidency yet. Biden, having secured support from lawmakers for a $40 billion aid package to… Read more »

America Considering Invading America

THERE IS growing evidence that America is mobilising military forces off its own coasts in a bid to rescue its citizens from America. The news comes as the Supreme Court, once viewed an independent institution free from political interference, issued a leaked opinion which would see abortion outlawed overnight, undoing 50 years of progress and… Read more »

World Asks War Shy America If It’s Feeling Okay

TESTING its forehead for signs of a temperature, the world stood back in awe of America’s newfound disinterest in direct military conflict before asking the Leaders of The Free World™ if they were feeling okay. Despite constantly falling over itself to supply tens of billions of dollars to questionable regimes with aims to decimate so-called… Read more »

“Oh No, Sanctions” Laughs Nation That Supplies The Bulk Of World’s Fossil Fuels

SANCTIONS that would condemn other countries to a lifetime of economic catastrophe are reportedly being shrugged off by Vladimir Putin, who remains safe in the knowledge that the world’s dependency on fossil fuels will see Russia’s economy thrive for decades to come. “Oh dear, they’re suspending the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, I guess we’d… Read more »

Putin & Biden Urged To Sit Down & Watch Rocky IV

US President Joe Biden has agreed ‘in principle’ to a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, where it is hoped that the current tension in Ukraine can be discussed over a viewing of the 1985 Cold War boxing classic, Rocky IV. The breakthrough comes after yet another deadline for the commencement of war in Ukraine… Read more »