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Record Number Of Irrational Women In US Overreacting

“I CAN’T help but heartily laugh at how these little ladies are taking this business a tad too personally,” chuckled one casual America observer as protests continued at the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade which paved the way for Republican controlled states to push through anti-abortion laws. “It’s all very shrill,… Read more »

US Senators Announce Clamp Down On Use Of Finger Guns

MEMBERS of both sides of the political divide in America have finally come together to work on ridding the country of the scourge of the two-finger ‘bang-bang’ hand gesture that had become rampant in the nation. The controversial salute had been responsible for outbreaks of utter cringe in offices, schools, bars and public spaces for… Read more »

US Republicans Propose Arming Foetuses In The Womb

RESPONDING to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voting to raise the age for purchasing a semi-automatic weapon to 21, US Republicans countered by proposing a law which would arm all foetuses in the womb with an AR-15 instead. “No one wants to do more to keep children safe than Republicans, just look at our record… Read more »

Getting Deported On Your J1, A Guide

WITH J1 summer season nearly upon students, WWN has produced this essential guide on ensuring you never forget your magical experience by getting deported. Here’s how you do it: 1) Mistakenly talk to a US police officer the way you would a guard. “Howiya horse?” will certainly be taken not as a genial greeting but… Read more »