US Mass Shooting We’re Reporting Today Not The One You’re Thinking Of


AS a media outlet, WWN is often faced with heartbreaking decisions such as choosing which US mass shooting to cover as a lead story when more than one happens at the same time. With tight deadlines and limited column space, we are forced to commit to reporting on just one incident and we hope our readers understand this impossible situation we find ourselves in.

With three active shooter incidents unfolding in America over the last 24 hours, we had to resort to drawing straws to decide in a fair manner whether we focused on the hospital shooting in Oklahoma, the Walmart shooting in Pennsylvania, or the High School shooting in California.

This method led us to the hospital shooting in Oklahoma. If you clicked on this link hoping to find news of either of the other shootings, we are deeply sorry and we hope you find a news outlet that has the resources to cover one or both of them before they disappear from the news cycle forever.

From Oklahoma, we can confirm that five people including the gunman are dead at the scene. Little is known about the gunman, or about the types of movies, music or videogames he enjoyed. We will bring you more on that as we get it. We also are uncertain as to what the door situation was in the hospital at the time, but some authorities are already suggesting that there was an open door at the hospital which as we learned from Uvalde will bring calls for greater door regulations and reform.

It was also reported that no doctors, nurses or reception staff were armed at the time and therefore were unable to stop the shooter before he could go on his rampage. Again, what more proof does America need before it properly makes gun ownership and firearms training mandatory among the workforce.

Officials in the state have pleaded with commentators not to politicise the incident, while lawmakers have said their thought and prayers are with the families of the victims, although we’re not sure what incident they’re talking about but we’re sure this applies to them all.

Thanks again for being so understanding, and we’ll see you at the same time for tomorrow’s shooting.