Ways Davy Stockbrokers Could Improve Their Reputation


AFTER a bond trading scandal, being forced to pay out €20k to a former worker who was told to ‘consider her position’ after she was diagnosed with epilepsy, and using an investment fund to hoover up houses in Limerick and leasing them to the council for a nice profit to name a few examples, the Davy Group (now owned by Bank of Ireland) seem to have a voracious appetite for diminishing their reputation.

WWN Finance has explored ways Davy can turn the tide against reputational damage and become a byword for integrity, probity and honesty:

Sign on as wealth management consultants for Vladimir Putin.

Advise Cadburys to further jack up the price of Fredo bars.

Start a number of podcasts including ‘Maybe we judged Enron too harshly’.

Provide finance for a second Mrs Browns Boys movie.

Start a charity called Make-A-Nightmare, which grants people their wish to pull mean spirited pranks on terminally ill children.

Be brave and say you believe The Beatles are overrated.

Expand portfolio of reliable investments to include Nazi memorabilia.

Sponsor the English football team.