Record Number Of Irrational Women In US Overreacting


“I CAN’T help but heartily laugh at how these little ladies are taking this business a tad too personally,” chuckled one casual America observer as protests continued at the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade which paved the way for Republican controlled states to push through anti-abortion laws.

“It’s all very shrill, very high pitched and a completely irrational overreaction if you ask me,” said one man sighing derisively, “yes, you could die from an ectopic pregnancy but if you’re in a state which now jails doctors if they try to save your life just move to California. You’re really just embarrassing yourself by claiming this is a big deal”.

Protest after protest throughout American towns and cities were packed to the gills with emotionally unstable women seemingly incapable of engaging in an evenhanded and open debate on how their opinions and rights just don’t matter.

“Instead of throwing insults at me like ‘misogynist’ and ‘woman hater’ why can’t you engage on an intellectual level with me as I point out that it’s fantastic news a 13-year-old rape victim will now be forced into having a child,” offered one right wing Christian who turned up to a protest in good faith.

Some of the more unhinged women overreacting made the fantastical leap that a minor adjustment to the way abortion laws are changing could also lead to the outlawing gay marriage and reversing of other rights.

“There’s just no point debating someone when they’re so insistent they be considered a human being. They truly think they know better than famous feminists Clarence Thomas and Brett Kanvanaugh” added another person of the deranged women who honestly think they should have more rights than guns.