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Nightclubs To Be Re-Named ‘Late Afternoon Clubs’

THE night economy has reacted to the government’s sudden u-turn on nocturnal activity by shifting everything four hours earlier, a move which will apparently abide by new Covid regulations. The Taoiseach announced yesterday that surging case numbers has forced the midnight closure of restaurants, bars and similar venues, which would have effectively shut down nightclubs… Read more »

Mé Féiners Holding Steady In Latest Polls

WHILE Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael continue to lose ground to the surging popularity of Sinn Féin according to recent polls, the latest figures show voters for the Mé Féin party remain committed to looking out for themselves. Mé Féin a new party that is continuing to flourish, doesn’t seem to be under any pressure… Read more »

Old Irish Myths #317267: The Metrolink

LAST WEEK in WWN’s Old Irish Myths series we covered the famous ‘Ulster Cycle’, this week it’s the turn of the oft mentioned, never seen mythical illusion known as ‘the Metrolink’. As always we speak to lecturer in folklore, Dr Jennifer Alwin, who has kindly lent us her expertise once more: “While most great bedtime… Read more »

Johnson Under Increasing Pressure To… Actually No, He Doesn’t Give A Fuck

THERE WAS a momentary sense that British prime minister Boris Johnson would capitulate and bow to pressure over the current sleaze scandal until everyone realised no, wait, this is Boris Johnson we’re talking about, WWN can reveal. “Yeah I honestly can’t believe we thought a serial liar, adulterer and dabbler in xenophobia would suddenly surrender… Read more »