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Yas Queen! 5 Female Icons We’ve Done Very Little Research On!

WWN GASH has always been committed to celebrating women ever since such things became an emerging and profitable section of the online publishing sector. As a singularly supportive voice for women, unparalleled across the media landscape, we have thrown together a feel-good list of 5 female icons that’s so light on actual research and detail… Read more »

Are You Getting Enough Plastic In Your Diet?

A STUDY conducted by the World Wildlife Fund has revealed that people could be ingesting an astonishing 5 grams of plastic a week, such is the ubiquity of plastics in our societies. However, those seeking to partake in a balanced diet may be worried their inadvertent consumption of plastics through plastic bottles and shellfish consumption… Read more »

Would You Look At This Prick

AS PART of WWN’s daily depressing update on the rights of minorities and marginalised communities around the world we are reluctantly making you aware of this wretched knuckle dragging prick, Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. From next week adultery and gay sex will be illegal and punishable by stoning to death because the Sultan is… Read more »

Media Weeps As Last ISIS Stronghold Falls

DELEGATES from the world’s media have offered a 21-pen salute to the gallant men and women of ISIS, in a moving ceremony to mark the fall of the last stronghold of the terrorist organisation. With the last members of the Caliphate holed up in a desperate, hopeless siege in Syria, journalists and editors from the biggest news outlets… Read more »

Last Known Tamogotchi Dies In The Wild

SUFFERING what vets on the scene have confirmed as chronic battery failure, the last know tamotchi has sadly died in the Etosha National Park, in Namibia. “We were too late,” a disconsolate vet Anders Ahrens said, cradling the recently perished tamotchi in his arms, a study in profound grief. It is believed Tolo the tamogotchi… Read more »