Migrant Crisis Tests Man’s Grasp Of Where ‘Eastern Europe’ Is


THE geopolitical landscape of Dublin man Eric Carter’s understanding of what’s happening in the world is being put to the test by the latest migrant crisis news from Poland and Belarus, WWN can report.

In fact, Carter went on to state that he had initially thought the escalating tensions developing as a result of thousands fleeing from the rule of President Alexander Lukashenko or doing so at his behest was in fact ‘Syrian lads or something’ coming up through Turkey, which in his mind is ‘right beside that whole area’.

“I’m sorry, but you hear migrants and you don’t expect it to be white lads” wondered Carter aloud, as his fragile grasp on the nuances of eastern bloc politics tumbled around him.

“And look, I was always alright with geography at school but we never went past Germany and not only that, we have no Belarusian lads working with us so I’m not very familiar with that whole area. In fact, is it even ‘Eastern Europe’? Or is it western Russia. Well, regardless of who they are the whole thing is clearly a little bit beyond my understanding so I’m just going to sit back and wait until the news stops reporting in a few days”.

Carter went on to clarify that he considers Eastern Europe to be Latvia and Lithuania and a few other ‘Eurovision countries’, before adding that the Middle East is Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, and Kuwait ‘if that’s still a place’.