Prince Andrew To Attempt Innovative ‘She’s A Lying Bitch’ Defence


PRINCE Andrew is to set a new legal precedent in his upcoming civil sexual case by claiming that the woman who is making allegations against him is making it all up, WWN can confirm.

Legal advisors to Andrew have warned about the risks involved in trying to insinuate that a victim of sexual abuse is lying for fame or financial gain, citing thousands of cases where the legal system has hammered anyone accused of sexual impropriety for attempting to say their accusers were spoofing.

“If Andrew does this and he’s found liable, then it could mean a harsher penalty for attempting to cast aspersions on the allegations of a raped woman” said one legal expert, studying the ongoing case in which Ms. Victoria Giuffre claims Prince Andrew sexually abused her on three occasions in 2001.

“But if he plays this card and is found not guilty, it’ll change the way the world looks at rape trials from now on. Women will have to fight to get people to believe them. Accused rapists will be able to just sit back and watch their accusers do all the hard work in court. The public will start to think that people coming forward with sexual abuse allegations are doing so for some other reason than ‘they were sexually abused’. A complete reversal of how things are today”.

Andrew’s legal and PR teams have formed the phrase ‘false memories’ to describe Ms. Giuffre’s account of the incidents, which is certain to be found ridiculous by the judge and never used in legal proceedings again.