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Having No Opinion On An Infant: A Guide

PRINCE Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have posted a photo of their daughter Lilibet on her first birthday, prompting many in the media and beyond to wonder if they should hold the adorable tyke the same scrutiny as they do her mother. If you’re unsure about whether or not you should weigh in with… Read more »

Prince Andrew’s 14th PR Team Of The Morning Resign

TRUCK loads of image consultants, PR specialists, crisis management experts, and branding professionals were seen running from Prince Andrew’s residence in the minutes after he confirmed his legal team would be pursuing the ‘that sexual abuse victim can’t take me to court because of the settlement she has with my dead paedophile friend’ defence. The… Read more »

Prince Andrew Consults Mystical Palace Hag For Advice

THE ROYAL family’s personal witch priestess of the woods has warned Prince Andrew not to say or do anything that would incriminate himself ahead of an upcoming sexual assault investigation, while adding that slaying a stallion foal under moonlight before the Autumn equinox ‘wouldn’t hurt’ either. “Dame Hassara de Valentina Muerta hasn’t given an English… Read more »