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Foreign Lad Has Nicer Car Than You

LOCAL man William Farnhill has added ‘swanky car’ to the list of things he doesn’t like about the Eastern European lad who moved in up the road from him, adding that it ‘doesn’t seem right’ that someone who hasn’t lived in Waterford for his whole life should be able to afford a 131 Nissan Qashqai… Read more »

Explaining QAnon To A Normal Person: A Guide

AS the face of politics continues to change on a near-daily basis, you may find that your relatives and friends turn to you, a seasoned internet dweller, for explanations of terms such as ‘alt-right’, ‘ANTIFA’, and of course, ‘QAnon’. Let’s start there; how would you explain QAnon to someone who doesn’t spend their life engaging… Read more »

Media Running Out Of Ways To Say ‘Health System Fucked’

LEAFING through dog eared copies of thesauruses reporters are struggling to remember how many times they have used ‘catastrophic’, ‘cataclysmic’, ‘grim’, ‘decimated’, ‘disaster’ and ‘the bit in Titanic when the ship snaps in half’ to describe the recent deterioration in the capacity of the health service to treat an explosion in the number of Covid-19… Read more »