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Incredibly Patient Neighbour Has Another Parcel For You

WATERFORD man Allen Goodran has once again courteously acted as a postal depot for his neighbours the Manlon family, receiving yet another parcel for them before texting them to let them know it had arrived and subsequently completing the delivery when they arrived home. Goodran, who works from home while his neighbours have long since… Read more »

Has Online Discourse & Debate Become Too Toxic? Why Not Try These Insults & Find Out

IT SEEMS no matter the subject, online discourse and debate soon descends into radioactive levels of toxicity. And since we’re well passed the point of trying to wrestle conversations back to rational, good-faith evidence-based exchanges of opinions, there is only one option available and that is to double down on outrage, name calling and trolling…. Read more »

Twitter Hacked But Still Working, Unfortunately

WITH news revealing that Twitter, one of the world’s biggest social media platforms has been hacked on a major scale, follows even more devastating news that the bile-ridden, hate-inciting, bully-engaging cesspit is still operational and relatively unaffected by the breach. “Unfortunately, Twitter is still here and it was only a few celebrities and politicians that… Read more »

We’re Okay With ‘Cancel Culture’ If You’re All Okay With Cancel Culture. Just Let Us Know, Okay?

A RECENT poll has revealed that the vast majority of the population is perfectly fine with the growth of ‘cancel culture’, as long as the vast majority of the population is perfectly fine with cancel culture. Although people who don’t spend their lives online seemed to be uncertain as to what exactly the terms ‘cancelled’,… Read more »