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Twitter Hacked But Still Working, Unfortunately

WITH news revealing that Twitter, one of the world’s biggest social media platforms has been hacked on a major scale, follows even more devastating news that the bile-ridden, hate-inciting, bully-engaging cesspit is still operational and relatively unaffected by the breach. “Unfortunately, Twitter is still here and it was only a few celebrities and politicians that… Read more »

We’re Okay With ‘Cancel Culture’ If You’re All Okay With Cancel Culture. Just Let Us Know, Okay?

A RECENT poll has revealed that the vast majority of the population is perfectly fine with the growth of ‘cancel culture’, as long as the vast majority of the population is perfectly fine with cancel culture. Although people who don’t spend their lives online seemed to be uncertain as to what exactly the terms ‘cancelled’,… Read more »

Man Losing Online Argument Claims Victory Over Spelling Mistake

AFTER being taken completely and utterly to school in an online thread about the patriarchy by a well-read, articulate and witty female commentator, local man Sean Caherlan has claimed a moral victory after spotting that his opponent mistakenly spelled the word ‘lose’ as ‘loose’. Caherlan had waded into a comments section under an article about women’s rights,… Read more »