Parents Of Influencer Tell Their Friends He Died Overseas


WHEN Waterford couple Caroline and William McIntyre are asked how their son Eric is getting on since he moved up to Dublin last year, they adopt a solemn tone and say that he succumbed to a mystery illness while traveling and passed away, rather than reveal the truth that their son is a would-be TikTok and Instagram superstar who trades under the handle “Erickin’ Ball” WWN can reveal.

“How can we expect our friends to understand what he does, when we don’t even know ourselves?” sighed 58-year-old Caroline, watching a clip of her son dancing to a Drake song wearing only a nappy to promote a brand of cheap electric razors specifically for trimming pubic hair.

“His dad was the first to tell people that Eric had contracted ‘super malaria’ in America and died instantly, and I just went along with it”.

“He’s my only son, so it was hard to fake-lose him to a fake illness so young” added William McIntyre, wondering where his parenting skills went so very wrong.

“But it came down to admitting that your kid is one of these fucking social media doses, or being able to set foot outside the house with our heads held high ever again. We made our choice”.

Currently the proud organiser of a YouTube channel that boasts almost 735 subscribers ‘Erickin’ Ball’ remains blissfully unaware of the fact that his parents have secretly killed him off, as well as remaining blissfully unaware of the public’s perception of him, and indeed most things that happen in the world that he isn’t directly involved in.