Lad Driving Around In New 21 Reg Has Some Cheek


THERE were heartwarming scenes as a close knit Waterford community came together in moving scenes to highlight the brass neck of Dermot Havers of No.59 after he drove home in a brand new car.

“And with everything that’s going on,” confirmed neighbour Jackie Stones, empathically tutting in the direction of Havers as he stood in his driveway admiring his new 21 reg car.

“I mean, who even buys new cars anymore, was that not a Celtic Tiger thing? I didn’t know that was still a thing, at least not with the state of things,” added Jackie’s husband David, who was siding with his wife, but vowed once things had died down to hound Havers about every spec of the car and beg for a test drive.

Local community WhatsApp groups, normally reserved for alerting neighbours when a ‘foreign looking person’ wandered into the estate, now lit up with messages criticising the largesse of Havers, who ought to have more consideration for everyone.

“No recession/global pandemic here, hah,” texted Claire Jeffries, in a fury, “who has it in their head with the state of things to be thinking ‘oh I’ll head off to buy a motor’, disgrace!”.

“You get fuck all out of that car mile per gallon anyway, the fool,” added Conor Neffin, unable to veil jealousy.

Further anger was generated when it emerged Havers had not only purchased a new car but showed every intention of using it to drive around, in full view of the estate of the nation at large.

“Imagine seeing him pull up at a set of lights, you’d be sickened by the 21 reg. Sickened. Wouldn’t know where to look honestly, who does a thing like that,” concluded Neffin now entering his third hour of staring at the car sitting in his neighbour’s driveway.