Student Wondering If Living In Tent Might Be Impacting College Work


AWARE that such excuse making could gain him a reputation as a workshy layabout and all round Negative Nellie, local tent-dwelling student Fionn Dalton remains unable to shake the feeling that perhaps his focus at college would be greatly enhanced had he a room in a house or apartment to call his own.

“I’m at every lecture, doing my assignments but I suppose I sort of question sometimes if brushing my teeth and spitting into a drain every morning amid dropping temperatures is the best way to start a day off,” explained the Cork native now residing in a bush in Dublin near his university.

Careful not to cause anyone offence Dalton was keen to stress he was not slagging off tent dwelling but he would very much be open to not being a homeless student if anyone could help him out.

“Plugs, that’s the main thing to be honest,” added Dalton, growing tired of his laptop’s battery dying as he carried out college work in the desk portion of his tent.

However, not everyone is buying Dalton’s sob story.

“You think that’s bad, back in my day we didn’t have laptops. We just arranged small stones on the ground to look like a keyboard and we were happy. No moaning from us,” offered one Celtic Tiger era student, who lived in a nightmare time of banks running huge ad campaigns encouraging students to openly lie as they applied for loans which were handed out like condoms at freshers week.

In a statement both the department of education and housing have confirmed they are aware of the problems some students still have in securing accommodation but what do you expect them to do about it.