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School Pick-Up Legally Declared A Combat Sport

THE end-of-school bell in the majority of Irish primary schools is to be replaced by a recording of Bruce Buffer delivering his signature ‘let’s get ready to rumble’ catchphrase, to let parents on pick-up duty know that it’s time to start really busting some heads. “It’s only fair that all parents know that they’re engaged… Read more »

Norma Foley’s Guide To Keeping Students Warm In Class In Sub Zero Temperatures

FRESH from suggesting teachers should open windows ‘at a lower level’ if their classrooms are cold, Minister for Education Norma Foley has offered more nuggets of wisdom in the fight against Covid in Covid-free Irish schools. While failing to realise that there’s no ‘if’ to being cold in an Irish classroom, even when temperatures outside… Read more »

Sloths Secure HEPA Filter Contract For Schools

RELIEVED parents, education professionals and experts in air filtration have breathed a collective sigh of relief as the Department of Education are on the verge of rubber stamping the procurement of €62mn worth of Hepa filters for schools. Despite the good news, some naysayers have expressed concern over the fact the contract for has been… Read more »

New Education Minister Barra Finally Closes Schools

“I UNDERSTAND it’s a major inconvenience to parents, it’s short notice and it’s yet another interruption to childrens’ education but c’mon let’s not ignore the Covid-shaped elephant in the room anywhere,” began new Minister for Education Barra, taking decisive action in attempt to undo incomprehensible aspects of Covid strategy pursued in recent months in the… Read more »