Teachers Union Kept In Detention After Heckling Norma Foley Speech


UNDERVALUED miracle-working teachers who are somehow also workshy ungrateful overpaid moaners were kept behind for detention yesterday due to their heckling of Norma Foley’s speech at the annual INTO congress, WWN can reveal.

“Dún do bhéal gach duine, do ye pups honestly think heckling will get Paschal to loosen the purse strings? I want 100 lines of ‘Teachers would be must polite, silent and never speak up or advocate for themselves’ now,” confirmed Foley, who didn’t rule out extra homework too.

“Watch yourselves now or you’ll be writing out chapter five from the book of It’s Very Easy To Turn The Public Against Teachers So Don’t Fecking Test Me,” added Foley, fresh from addressing a number of concerns from teachers in her speech.

Foley confirmed planned Leaving Cert reforms would involve zero consultation, be implemented at the very last minute and make no new training available to teachers administering the curriculum to students.

Despite being given the time to reflect on their outrageous behaviour, teachers have refused to mature, apologise, cop on or buck up their ideas and will continue calls for better working conditions and better pay that doesn’t come with an ultimatum of screwing over the next generation of teachers.

“A pay rise? Honestly who do you think you are, Robert Watt?” concluded Foley.

In other news a record number of teachers have applied to replace Tony Holohan on secondment in Trinity College.

Elsewhere, the annual conference coincided perfectly with Auld Lads At The End Of The Bar’s Annual ‘Teachers Don’t Do A Tap’ conference.