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FF/FG Describe Terrifying Scenario In Which Public Get To Vote Again If Coalition Isn’t Formed

FIANNA FÁIL and Fine Gael have taken to the media to outline for the Irish public the horrifying prospect of something called a ‘general election’ if the parties, along with the Greens, fail to ratify the potential coalition’s programme for government. Questions of Seanad appointees, electing a Taoiseach and constitutional crisis aside, the two parties… Read more »

Can Budgies Babysit? Your Childcare Questions Answered

WITH new research carried out by the Oireachtas research unit suggesting that the introduction of a universal, public childcare scheme would be beneficial for working parents looking for universal, public childcare, WWN is on hand to answer all of your current questions relating to what to do with your children while waiting for the government… Read more »

Djokovic Signs Record Nike Ventilator Deal

THERE was a moment of panic for world tennis number 1 Novac Djokovic today after being informed that he had tested positive, followed by immediate relief when he learned that it was only for Coronavirus. Djokovic received his diagnosis midway through his own tennis tournament which drew crowds of thousands and had been criticised for… Read more »

Michelangelo Statue Desecrated Over ‘Harmful’ Stereotype About White Men’s Penis Size

HISTORIANS and art enthusiasts alike have called for more action over an ever growing trend in statue defilement today after protesters tore down and permanently damaged Michelangelo’s David over what they claim is ‘harmful’ stereotypes about white men’s penis size, WWN can confirm. Last night, dozens of caucasian men descended on the Galleria dell’Accademia in… Read more »