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Italy To Give Fascism A Go Again For The Craic

ITALY is taking its first steps towards a return to fascist-centric politics this week, as the political party ‘Fratelli D’Italia’ looks set to sweep the general election and put the country’s first far-right leader since the outbreak of WWII, despite how all that ended. Named after the evil family in The Goonies, Fratelli D’Italia and… Read more »

Date Confirmed For Schofield & Willoughby Beheading At Tower Of London

SUCH has been the disgusting nature of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s queue skipping behaviour, not even massive tax giveaways to millionaires or the pound hitting a 37-year low can distract the British public from what’s really important. And this morning the This Morning hosts have been served severe justice. At 10am this Friday, Schofield… Read more »

CCTV Footage Emerges Of Man Who Let Birds Loose On Engine Of Taoiseach’s NY Bound Plane

TAOISEACH Micheál Martin delivered a historic address to the UN yesterday decrying Russia for acting like a ‘rogue state’ while calling on the international community to do more to enhance food security around the world. The speech cements Martin’s place in Irish political history and allowed him to grandstand on the international stage, but it… Read more »

Waterford Hurlers Stand By Decision To Join Breakaway Saudi GAA Championship

THE controversial Saudi Arabian senior Football and Hurling championships are to go ahead as planned this winter despite protests of ‘sportswashin’, and will include several of Waterford’s most middle-of-the-road players in the tournament. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to bring the uniting power of hurling to an oil-rich Middle Eastern kingdom,” said Martin Campbell,… Read more »