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Nation Agrees To Let Grandchildren Pay For All This

THE aging population that currently resides within the Republic of Ireland has humbly accepted the precarious financial prognosis for the nation, which will likely see huge budgetary deficits incurred paid off down the line by their grandchildren. “Ah, I think billions in future income tax increase is a fair trade for the odd tenner I… Read more »

Second Inquiry Into How Nursing Homes Will Be Failed A Second Time Needed Before First Inquiry Starts

FEARS are increasing that there will be a need for a second, separate inquiry into authorities’ failure to prevent Covid-19 clusters in nursing homes when it almost inevitably occurs a second time, even though the inquiry into how it happened the first time has yet to start. “Feck sake, not another possibly avoidable batch of… Read more »

The iPhone 12: Here’s What’s Changed

IN an unprecedented move set to send shockwaves through the very fabric of space and time, Apple are set to announce a new iteration of their iPhone later today, with speculation running rampant as to what this means for those of us who rely on the device for our daily dose of self-worth. Although the… Read more »

“I Did Warn Him” Man Stabbed For Calling Into Friend After 9pm

WATERFORD District Court has heard that the stabbing of a 34-year-old man in the city centre last year was ‘unpreventable’ after the victim called to the defendant’s home at 9.45pm, without so much as a text or call. Solicitor Eamon Mahoney stated that long-time friend of Dermot Hantigan, James Martin, ‘cold called’ his client by… Read more »