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FactCheck: Did Meghan Markle Kill The Queen?

A NUMBER of rumours and accusations have swirled online about possible direct role Meghan Markle played in the untimely and sudden passing of Britain’s 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. WWN is dedicated to informing readers through unbiased reporting and as always this publication has worked tireless to separate rumour from fact. Consulting thousands of articles the… Read more »

Government Give Greenlight To ‘MetroLink Australia’ For Nation’s Emigrants

SEQUESTERING funding earmarked for the proposed Dublin MetroLink to the airport, the Department of Transport has decided to streamline the process by digging a MetroLink directly to Australia. “With 7 in 10 young people contemplating emigration because…well, have you looked around this place lately? This fact coupled with the impending recession we thought the OzTunnel… Read more »

The Complete List Of What Ukrainian Refugees Are Being Blamed For

WITH the initial céad míle fáilte having faded from memory, certain sections of Irish public have hardened their feeling towards refugees fleeing war, WWN can reveal. Taking the temperature across a number of locations in Ireland, WWN learned that Ukrainian refugees are becoming the easy scapegoats for every issue or problem in contemporary Irish society…. Read more »