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Winston Churchill Statue Frantically Deleting ‘Bengal Famine’ Section Of His Wikipedia Page

MOMENTARILY leaving its plinth in Westminster’s Parliament Square, a panicked Winston Churchill statue entered an internet cafe to remove references to all troubling aspects of Churchill’s political life, including his role in the Bengal Famine of 1943 in an attempt to keep the statue standing a little longer. Famous for his pivotal role in defeating… Read more »

Hangovers & Working From Home: Our Expert Shows You How

WITH a new report suggesting that 50% of Irish people have increased their consumption of alcohol since the implementation of the Covid-19 lockdown, WWN have employed renowned drinking expert James Michael Phelan to help you through any problems that this increased intoxication may be having on you. With over 20 years of boss-dodging, breath-hiding hangover… Read more »

British History According To Britain

THE TEARING down of a statue of slaver-but-honestly-probably-a-top-top-bloke-besides-all-that Edward Colston in Bristol by anti-racism protesters, and the negative reaction it has drawn from some, has highlighted again that official Britain’s version of British history is flawless and not a simplified, hastily rewritten version that ignores inconvenient truths. You may be confused to learn to Colston,… Read more »

US Cops Pledge To Beat Everyone Equally

POLICE in the US have begun the long, hard road to reform today, with a freshly-minted pledge to mete out heavy-handed brutality in a fair and equitable fashion, with whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, and whatever else getting the same big-stick justice from now on. “The protests that we saw following the death of George Floyd… Read more »