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Report Suggests Visors Useless Against Covid & Oh For Fuck Sake Can’t This Miserable Piece Of Shit Year Just Give Us A Break For 5 Fucking Seconds, I Mean, Come On

NEWS that visors are virtually useless when combating the spread of and exposure to Covid-19 is just the latest example of 2020 refusing to give anyone a break, even for five fucking seconds. “Jesus, we’re just trying our best and following guidelines but this ceaselessly malevolent, unextinguishable dumpster fire of the year just won’t let… Read more »

Tracking Bono’s Troubled Upbringing On The Sectarian Streets Of Clontarf

ALTHOUGH many sneered at Jon Bon Jovi’s statement yesterday about how he didn’t have the same upbringing as Bono where one would encounter ‘Orangemen walking through the neighbourhood saying let’s beat up the Catholic kid’, few know the real truth about the U2 frontman’s tough school-life on the unforgiving streets of Dublin in the 1970s,… Read more »

Gardaí Launch Operation ‘Ah Don’t’

ALTHOUGH no extra powers have been granted to Gardai to enforce the Level 3 restrictions now in place around the country, officials remain confident that just the sight of guards on the road will be enough to convince the nation to comply with the guidelines around travel and mass gatherings. “To anyone thinking that they… Read more »

“A Cruel Prank That Got Out Of Hand”: Phibsborough Listed As One Of World’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

THE EDITORIAL staff at Time Out magazine have offered their apologies for an ‘admittedly cruel prank that got out of hand’ which resulted in the Dublin suburb of Phibsborough being duped into thinking it legitimately placed 27 in the magazine’s list of coolest nieghbourhoods in the world. “Look, don’t get us wrong it’s a perfectly… Read more »

Torching Your Pub For The Insurance Money, A Guide

WITH new restrictions set to shutter the majority of pubs and restaurants across the country once again, business owners have to consider some drastic options to ensure the survival and upkeep of their family unit, with torching their premises now a viable option amid a chronic lack of government supports. Despite the business being in… Read more »