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Summer 2020: A Guide

AS Ireland prepares to roll into a very different summer than the one we were expecting, WWN have compiled the following guide to making sure you get as much out of the season as possible, Covid-19 be damned! Whatever the next few months have in store, you can enjoy a brilliant summer with your family… Read more »

Micheál Martin To Spend Day Mwah Ha Ha Ha-ing

WITH an announcement expected today that Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and The Green Party have agreed a programme for government, next Taoiseach-in-waiting and Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin is to spend the bulk of the day perfecting his maniacal evil laugh. Despite the three party coalition already being uploaded onto Pornhub and filed under ‘most… Read more »

The Untold Story Of Cork And The Confederate Flag

FOLLOWING a decree by Cork GAA to confiscate controversial ‘rebel’ flags carried by Cork supporters at the gates of football and hurling matches, people may be wondering how a small, insignificant county in the southwest of Ireland could possibly have links to the banner of the Confederate United States, who fought against the abolition of… Read more »

Debunked: We’re All In This Together

THE SPREAD of misinformation has never been so great and so WWN’s fact checking team is regularly asked by readers to verify or debunk rumours swirling around WhatsApp, Facebook and beyond. Yesterday we confirmed that 5G is giving you an itchy arse and turning your milk sour, today we tackle a longstanding rumour being circulated… Read more »

Developers, Banks Tell Government They’ve Already Spent Ireland’s Share Of EU’s €1 Trillion Covid Recovery Fund

ADOPTING the ‘ask for forgiveness, not permission’ strategy that served them so well through the 2008-11 banking crisis years, the property developers and senior bankers of Ireland have preemptively informed the Irish government that whatever share of the announced €1 trillion Covid-19 EU recovery package Ireland gets has already been spunked on a nearby wall… Read more »

The Untold History Of The Angelus

PIPPING Coronation Street to the title of ‘Longest Running TV Show In The World’ by a full six months, The Angelus celebrates its 60th birthday this June; but just how much do you know about Ireland’s favourite bell-based piece of micro-content? “When RTÉ was launched, they knew they needed a flagship show that people were… Read more »