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China Warns Hong Kong It Won’t Have Democracy Much Longer If It Keeps Insisting On Using It

FRESH from continuing to casually imprison over 1 million Uighurs Muslims in harmless sounding ‘reeducation’ camps, the Chinese government has reacted to the news that Hong Kong’s recent elections results saw big wins for pro-democracy candidates with a predictably laid back response. “Yeah… if you’re going to insist on using your democracy like it’s an… Read more »

Local Man’s ‘Genuine Fears’ About Immigrants Sound Suspiciously Similar To Baseless Racist Stereotyping

LOCAL MAN Anthony Ringley voiced his ‘genuine fears’ for the umpteenth time this week following the news that 16 men were lucky to be found alive in a sealed container on an Irish ferry bound for Rosslare Port. “‘Immigrants’, ‘refugees’, economic migrants, I don’t discriminate – they all feature in my made up stats and… Read more »

Americans Reserving Judgement On Trump Impeachment Until Netflix Doc Comes Out

DESPITE explosive testimony from a number of witnesses including US ambassador Gordon Sondland, American citizens worried by the idea the leader of their country could have grossly abused the office of the president and broken the law are maintaining their desire to catch up on all this later in a juicy Netflix documentary. “Shh! No… Read more »

School Newsletter Email Just Another Request For Money

PARENTS of pupils in one Waterford NS have taken to diverting to a junk folder or just ignoring any mails sent out by the school, as they’re invariably just another request for money or free labour. St. Morticia of The Weeping Elbow Primary School adopted the new email system in late 2018, after legislation was passed by… Read more »