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Landlord Has Brother Moving Home From America, Again

WATERFORD landlord James Caughlan has regrettably informed the tenants at one of his properties that he needs them to vacate the premises, as he has a brother coming home from America who needs somewhere to stay and while Caughlan would rather keep his source of income from the house, this is family damn it. “Believe… Read more »

Putin Relying On Russian Reservists’ Ability To Respawn

IN HIS FIRST live address to the Russian public since February, Vladimir Putin announced the mobilisation of Russian reservists to provide cannon fodder on the front lines of the illegal invasion and occupation of Ukraine. “Wow, crazy busy six months sorry I’m only getting round to talking with you now. Where was I… oh yeah… Read more »

How To Deal With Ariel Being Black, A Guide

HELLO dear readers, the day we feared is upon us. Foolishly we laughed in everyone’s faces when they warned us of such things. You’ve taken to your bed, not eating or drank water since the trailer emerged, you are bereft, but fear not WWN is here to give you the strength to carry on. Here’s… Read more »