Stunning: Molly Mae’s Child Secures First Pretty Little Thing Collab


NO SOONER had power couple Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury announced that they are expecting their first child, the UK’s most influential and trendsetting foetus had signed a deal with PLT, WWN can reveal.

“It has got it’s mother’s head for business, as while Molly and Tommy were filming their announcement vid, the baby was inking a deal with PLT for an exclusive line of baby clothing and assorted aspirational branding opportunities. The baby was clear too that it wanted to do this deal itself, so it wasn’t seen to be riding the coattails of its parents,” said one insider.

A six-figure deal with pampers is believed to be in the mix too.

Despite still being in the womb and having not having fully developed thumbs yet Hague and Fury’s offspring has already begun a YouTube diary series, has 1 million followers on Instagram, and can get you 20% on a number of products using the promo code MOLLYBAEBY20.

“Tommy has also provisionally booked a fight for the child with Jake Paul’s first born that Tommy will pull the child out of at the last minute. The sky is the limit for this kid,” added a source.

Small print in the Hague and Fury’s Love Island contracts means that that their child is already provisionally signed up to Junior Love Island which is due to air in 2032.