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“I Couldn’t Dock A Smartphone”

“SERIOUSLY, I don’t know how the hell I’ve docked hundreds of luxury yachts, I haven’t a clue what I’m doing,” Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach tells WWN in an exclusive one-on-one interview, following on from the success of the hugely popular reality show. We caught up with Captain Lee in Monaco ahead of filming for… Read more »

Not Watching Dancing With The Stars: Here’s How

HAD YOU settled down on the couch for the evening in the hopes of ‘accidentally’ stumbling upon RTÉ’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in a bid to provide yourself with 60 plus minutes of nonstop complaining and declaring you’ll never pay the licence fee again? There is another way, a different path. It turns out, according… Read more »

Parading Vulnerable Overweight People On TV Like Cattle Just What Nation Needs Right Now

BURNT out from weeks of liquid induced socialising and general debauchery, the Irish nation sat down to watch their favourite annual diet-based reality tv program, Operation Transformation, in the hopes of feeling better about themselves and realising they may not be as self-loathing as initially thought, in comparison. “I’m usually at my darkest hour come… Read more »

Derek Acorah Fierce Quiet These Days

WWN can confirm that famed spiritual medium Derek Acorah has no upcoming TV projects in the works, with many believing that the Most Haunted star may have lost his spirit-contacting mojo in recent years. “Granted, Derek died in 2020, but that shouldn’t stop him really” said one insider we spoke to, looking at an Acorah-less… Read more »