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Angelus Bongs Sounding A Little More Nervous Today

TV VIEWERS have expressed concern for Ireland’s favourite binge worthy TV show The Angelus, after many reported that the iconic bongs sounded a little ‘off’ in recent days, ever since the details of the Mother and Baby Homes report was first leaked to the media. “Can you hear sweat? Is that possible?” confirmed RTÉ’s chief… Read more »

Torture, Beatings, Verbal Abuse; Inside The Writers’ Room Of Sentimental Christmas Ads

WITH A torrent of sentimental Christmas ads invading TV channels again, WWN travels to London to go undercover as a junior copywriter to see how the professionals manage to shred viewers’ heartstrings and produce a successful tearjerker of a Christmas TV ad. Following a 20 minute personality test which resulted in a score of ‘dangerously… Read more »

“Where’s My Fucking Comeback?” Asks Homeless Socky Living In Blue Bucket On Dublin Streets

ONCE labelled a national hero for keeping Irish children entertained for hours after coming home from school, former children’s presenter Socky has slammed a recent announcement that The Den is to return to RTÉ, only this time seemingly without the sock monster. We tracked Socky down to a laneway off of a popular Dublin street,… Read more »