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Platonic Island Reality TV Show Gets The Green Light

FOLLOWING up from the success of its sister series Love Island, a brand new reality dating show based on the never tiring format is expected to take the lethargic twentysomethings demographic by storm, WWN can reveal. Much like its predecessor, Platonic Island will involve a group of young contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in… Read more »

These Are The Best TV Shows Of The Decade

WE’VE had our film and music lists of the decade and now is the turn of TV, a medium which has transformed in the last decade to arguable usurp film, theatre, art and music as the dominant and most influential cultural forms of the 2010s. In a change from the conventional, stuffy and needless esoteric… Read more »

RTÉ Player To Switch From Diesel To Electric

RTÉ have unveiled a number of new environmentally-focused schemes that will kick into action over the next few weeks, starting with an update to the creaking old diesel-powered RTÉ Player, which currently dumps tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as it tries to keep up with the nine people who still use it. The player had… Read more »

Vaccinations: Now We’ve Got Your Attention, Is Anyone Watching Succession?

THE continuing debate over whether or not you should vaccinate your kids is a sure-fire way to attract interest on social media, to the extent that Minister For Health Simon Harris has stated that social media companies should ban accounts that spread anti-vaccination propaganda… but forget all that, has anyone been watching HBO’s hit show… Read more »