Here’s A Faux Controversy For You Rage Addicted Imbeciles To Sink Your Teeth Into


JUDGE! TAKE SIDES! Froth at the mouth, wildly over exaggerate how much you give a shit. Excessive punctuation!!!!

Grab the semtex because it’s time to blow this shit out of proportion!

Yes that’s it, drink up the gloopy brain flattening anger juice. It’s a disgrace, and so is the reaction to the reaction of the reaction.

This might be the most pressing issue in the world at this very moment so please circle the drain of losing all perspective and drown in the sewer of how very serious this all is!

Here’s some additional context which misrepresents the original context, with a splash of astral levels of projection. Add in some completely unfounded conjecture to sink your teeth into too. Oooh, it just feels so good sometimes to feel so angry.

Someone has been SLAMMED. Viewers are ALL saying the same! There’s HATERS. Someone’s been CALLED OUT for calling out someone. ACCUSED! BRANDED! CAUSING A STIR! MASSIVE REACTION! With all that adrenaline coursing around your body right now you could probably lift a fucking car!

Don’t reject this very rare invitation to get incredibly vexed on the internet over something you absolutely wouldn’t care about was it not for being led to graze on the outrage pastures like coerced cattle.

You’re wrong about how wrong the other person’s wrongness is being wronged!

See you for the next entry into orchestrated effrontery in about 2.65 seconds.