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Celebrities You Thought Were Dead, Relieved Are Alive But Now Anxious About Thought Of Their Eventual Death

IT IS always such sweet relief when you discover a much loved and respected public figure is in fact, contrary to your spotty memory, still very much alive and doling out good vibes and smiles to the world. But now you’ve got this stabbing feeling in your gut that won’t quit, you’re sick with worry… Read more »

Guess Those Celebrity Pecks

TEST your pop culture knowledge by guessing which famous person’s pecks you’re staring at. Guess correctly and it’s a proof that you’re a bona fide loser who spends too much time consuming celebrity bullshit. Guess incorrectly and what are you, some kind of cave dwelling simpleton? If you want the two pecks, that’s available to… Read more »

Internet Really Proud Of How It Conducted Itself During Depp/Heard Trial

EXHIBITING the sort of knowing smile reserved for only the most humble individuals, internet users everywhere have commended themselves on their exemplary behaviour during the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial. “We have a wealth of high profile celebrity trials which devolved into sordid, sycophantic and depressing tabloid affairs to draw on, so thank… Read more »