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Internet Really Proud Of How It Conducted Itself During Depp/Heard Trial

EXHIBITING the sort of knowing smile reserved for only the most humble individuals, internet users everywhere have commended themselves on their exemplary behaviour during the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial. “We have a wealth of high profile celebrity trials which devolved into sordid, sycophantic and depressing tabloid affairs to draw on, so thank… Read more »

Simon Cowell’s Face Celebrates First Birthday

A MILESTONE in Celebland today as Simon Cowell’s face was pictured celebrating its first birthday in an exclusive LA eatery, WWN can reveal. Paying someone who has full control of the muscles in their face to blow out the candles for him, Cowell was presumably happy beneath the face he wasn’t born with as he… Read more »

Kim Kardashian Stuns In Taliban Designed Dress At Met Gala

CONFOUNDING & ASTOUNDING in equal measure Kim Kardashian shocked the fashion world last night as she went with unknown and little heralded designer Taliban and debuted an innovative and striking look on the red carpet. Just one of countless rich people enjoying a well-deserved night out Kardashian’s head-to-toe get up has been described by fashion… Read more »

Uh-Oh: Your Favourite Celebrity Is Trending

OH NO: You just went on Twitter dot com and noticed that one of your favourite celebrities is listed as ‘trending’, and what’s worse- they’re trending worldwide. There’s only three possibilities: 1) Sexual abuse allegations Just ask any Bob Dylan fan how they felt this week after noticing their idol was trending worldwide, to get… Read more »

We Handpicked The Worst Possible Screenshot Of Matthew Perry From The ‘Friends’ Reunion So We Can Publicly Speculate On His Health For Clicks

AFTER hours of debate over what exact frame to use of Matthew Perry from the ‘Friends’ reunion, WWN has carefully chosen the worst possible screenshot we could find in the hopes it will spark some form of speculation about the actor’s current state of wellbeing with our readers. Not happy to leave Perry’s historical substance… Read more »